You call me weak,

But it wasn’t I who portrayed me meek.

You say I am worth nothing,

Maybe that is why I give you everything.

You say I need validations,

Yes, from you who relishes abominations.

You say I am only my body,

Perhaps that’s why what I ever did was make everybody.

You say I am made to be ruled,

Sure, by you whose hormones leave him fooled.

You say I am ordinary.

Indeed, a thought very illusionary.

You see, I am none of what you consider.

Who I am is the uppermost bidder.

What I am is pride.

For whatever you say

Or whatever you do,

I still stand tall; taller than you.

I still fly far above the ground,

With nothing that can have me bound.

Go ahead, split my skin and shed my blood,

Rape my body and rip my soul,

Put me up for show

And have my head hanged low.

I will still put you in your place,

Show you why I am the ace.

Because darling, you don’t know who I am,

And you will never guess what I  can be.