Neither in the morning, nor in the night,

I find tranquility in the twilight.

Neither in victory, nor in crush,

I find tranquility in the rush.

Neither on land, nor in the heavens,

I find tranquility in the horizons.

Neither many, nor none,

I find tranquility in some.

Neither in silence, nor in decibels,

I find tranquility in the whispers.

Neither awake, nor asleep,

I find tranquility in a lucid dream.

Neither in gorgeousness, nor in unsightliness,

I find tranquility in the modest flaws.

Neither in black, nor in white,

I find tranquility in grey light.

Neither sunny, nor sodden,

I find tranquility in the autumn.

Neither inside, nor outside,

I find tranquility at my doorstep.

Neither a friend, nor a foe,

I find tranquility in you.


I told myself there was no giving up on you;

That no matter what, there was a way to save you.

I believed it and it I meant.

And stopped believing in it I haven’t.

But now I know and now I admit,

The little something that deep within my soul hid –

That someone else’s will,

But my light isn’t enough to drink your darkness.

That with someone and someday it will,

But my soul is not enough to capture your fondness.

That my ink isn’t enough to capture your passion,

That another chapter will give you your communication.

I accept as true that you will be reborn,

But my eyes aren’t enough to see you past your downfall.


Do you remember?

The coldness of your heart

And the ruthlessness of your ways?

The words you spoke

And the looks you gave?

Do you remember?

Your ego climbing the stairs

And venom as smooth as lace?

My crying eyes

And your deceiving face?

Do you remember?

My spilling blood

And your unflinching veins?

Yes, I remember,

Your jovial laughter

And your ambitions as they soar.

The distance between us;

This always left me wanting more.

Yes, I remember,

The wait to hear from you

And how your words used to lure.

The years you spent in my dreams

And the hours I spent in yours.

Yes, I remember,

How I loved you

And needed you.

Yes, I remember.